Eye on the Target


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I am going to make some posts, hopefully, soon. I am so so so busy these days! But things are fabulous now, thanks for your comments.

I absolutely LOVE my new job at Starbucks, it is freaking amazing. Kinda falling for a guy at work… he leaves soon for San Diego so there will be no pursuing him. 🙂 Finally falling for someone worth while though.

In other news, my eyes are dry and my leg asleep, but Kevin is now a Platinum Friend.

I have SOOO much to share with you guys, gosh it has been so long. New jobs, finding a new home, getting Kevin as a roommate (crossing fingers), meeting new people, hanging out in the city with old high school friends, meeting new people again… I have been so busy and things are really looking up for me these days. I might not be moving to France and I might not be rolling in money but I am happy and healthy and that is all that really matters right?

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