Fabulously Gay Guerneville C-A

The Gayest Place On Earth?

Seriously every other couple is gay and every third seems to be lesbian, does that equate? I love it though. They are all so cute and so… what I want. Well, I don’t want a fourty year old partner, not unless I am around the same age haha. I am looking for my guy right now, someone my age, low key, fun, smart, outgoing, and a cutie-bo-tootie.

I have met a few guys, but none have all the qualities I require haha. Last night I hung out with Steve who proved to be a blast.

So we are washing our clothes at a laundromat that has this amazing coffee shop connected to it. Wireless internet, cafe, coffee, ice cream parlor, used book store, and then some. It is my perfect spot.

Can you believe it? Maria Mena is playing on the speaker system here, how crazy amazing is that?!

Ok, I should go, gonna let David on the computer.

Love you all, miss you. Update your journals and all that jazz haha. My cellphone is pretty much a waste up here.


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