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So, my friend Nick Starr had the chance to be the guest of honor on the Feast of Fools Podcast last week.

In the episode, they took a question from me which was, “Hey Nick, what would we be doing had I been able to go with you?”

Well they quoted me differently making it sound like I was going to sleep with Nick, maybe they read it wrong.  They also took out words that made me sound like I couldn’t write proper English.  Hmmm.  It’s ok, I figure they just got it wrong since it was live.

But what actually bothers me is the part where Nick says I’m hot.  Well that didn’t bother me haha, it was when they went to my site and right off the bat said I didn’t have any pictures.  (The second post is a picture of me…)

When they found the picture Fausto or Marc stated that yes, I was hot but also that my picture was heavily airbrushed.

Listen to it here

And now, here’s the picture. Click it to go to the larger sized version at PiczarPhoto.com

Not Airbrushed

Argh!  Why does that bother me so much?  I didn’t airbrush myself.  Oh well. Mostly it was all compliments and I absolutely adore Marc and Fausto’s show, it’s been on my podcast playlist since Day 1.

Still, I wouldn’t argue with some of you guys letting ’em know that the reason I don’t have lines and wrinkles in that picture is because I don’t have lines and wrinkles!  I’m barely 24 years old! You can find the post specific to this episode here.

In the end though, it’s great to be heard on a podcast you love so much. I’m not on Dawn and Drew at all anymore, need to catch up with them… And anything with Keith and the Girl has been on the forms or email but never on the actual cast.

It’s a great feeling to have people talk about you, even with some of the bad parts (misquote/airbrush). But to be called sexy and hot for the whole world to hear, that’s empowering haha.

I want to thank Nick for being so nice and saying such wonderful things about me on the show, and for keeping it down to about two minutes, any more and who knows what might have been said tee hee.

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11 thoughts on “Feast of Fools

  1. Damn you in a different time zone…I am just getting to finishing my blog post about it, and you already have audio cut up and everything lol. It was great to be on the show and thanks for writing in. You are right it is good they moved on to the next question 😉

  2. What can I say, I’m good! haha

    How awesome to be on a great show like that and Dawn and Drew and Keith and the Girl.  I hope to get that chance some day.  Though, I was on Jestertunes as a special guest, that was fun and at LEAST NC-17 rated.

  3. I haven’t listened to that podcast but I’m a big fan of Dawn & Drew (and many others). I remember Nick Starr from the Nobody Likes Onions podcast a few years ago but I quit listening. NLO and Keith and the Girl are just too long for me. I’d rather listen to several shorter podcasts than one, two-hours podcast.

    I hope you had a good time in St. Louis. It was nice meeting you.

  4. Ajooja – I live for the longer podcasts for my exercises and long car rides and plane trips.  Dawn and Drew to me has gotten too short with only maybe 20 minutes of actual content after you get through the intro and the outro stuff with all the comments at the end.  I like actual content which is what I love so much with KATG and the like.

    Thanks for the comment and the mention on your site.

  5. Dave2 – No, I haven’t gotten into the botox yet, though my friend Brendan swears you’re never too young for Botox.  He’s 23, works in Glamour Magazine’s fashion dept.  He must know… haha  He also said he might have the Glamour Magazine color color correction department do actual airbrushing on me so we can all see what i would look like “touched up”.

  6. You? Airbrushed? How insulting! *sniff* They do not have a professional eye when it comes to images. They probably think a stock house has something to do with beef. You’re gorgeous. No botox. Remember Joan Rivers.

    Winters last blog post..My Bitch Mary

  7. Um, I have no idea what the hell most of this is about, because I am commenting before listening to the audio, haha.  I will say though that I have seen pics of you on Jester’s Flickr and you definitely ARE that cute.  I have no idea why someone would think you airbrushed yourself when you clearly do not need to!

    Hillys last blog post..An Angel’s Face Is Tricky To Wear Constantly…

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