Feeling a Little Homesick

I’ve been here in Texas or in California for a month now.  While I absolutely love traveling and working here in Texas, being away from my home, my friends and Ryan is really starting to grate on me.

Apartment Living Room

Apartment Living Room

The time spent away from home this summer is the longest I’ve been away from Columbia since I moved to California.  While it’s not unusual for me to spend my summers traveling around the country and then some; I typically make trips back home to recharge between trips.  So far this summer I’ve slept in nine beds, I’ve driven thousands of miles, I’ve flown three flights and I’ve eaten out at around 50 different restaurants.

It’s been a great trip.  With still a few days left working at the office here, I’ve accomplished most of my goals.  I’ve visited several professional photographers and even got to sit in on a few photo shoots.  I’ve made fantastic contacts and have been offered four jobs!  I also accomplished conquering 12 hours of university courses, which is like 3-5 credits more than the university would normally allow!

My Capstone is complete.  My internship is complete.

But all of these accomplishments don’t compare to missing the ones you love.  I’m counting down the days until my flight back to Columbia where I’ll meet @Chadd65203 for a ride to Ryan’s.  Then I’ll hop in my car and drive to see Ryan at work.  Wow, 38 days apart?  It’s insanity, it’s never happened before.  A week apart is one thing, but to not see him for nearly the length of Lent?!  Never would have anticipated that.

Pretty soon though, we’ll all be back to together, I say, let’s hit up Cooper’s Landing, what do you think @kaleb1983 @ok2baprincess @bigred77 @ericcox?

Dinner at Coopers Landing

Dinner at Cooper's Landing

Tomorrow will be yet another work-packed day.  We’ve still got a lot to accomplish before I head back to Houston on Saturday.  August 2nd is my birthday, third year in a row that I’ve missed celebrating it with Ryan!

Alright friends, it’s time to close my eyes for a bit.  Catch you guys on the flip-side!

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