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Ok, so update, the Rufus Wainwright – Want Two CD is not as good as Want One but that is like trying to remake the Mona Lisa. Even if it were a duplicate, the original would still somehow be better. It is worth buying for sure. It is worth $25 easily considering you get a live concert DVD with the CD. Sir Elton John says that Rufus Wainwright is the best songwriter in America. I think he is correct and perhaps he did not say the world only because he is Elton John’s competition. The Ben Folds/Rufus concert was something else. Oh yeah… Guster was there ha-ha. Ben and Rufus would do an amazing CD if they ever did a duets CD. I think that should be a requirement ha-ha.

Destiny’s Child’s (which I keep spelling Destyiny’s Child) new CD, Destiny Fulfilled is fabulous. Near perfect CD. Beyonce is some sort of songwriter. I certainly hope they do a tour because I will have to hit it up for a great time. They will likely do all of their platinum hits (which is a concert in itself), their independent stuff (Beyonce and Kelly especially, Michelle’s was a gospel album so it might not work so hot in a Destiny’s Child concert ha-ha) and obviously their new stuff.

This CD is definitely a more relaxed, slower CD. There are not as many club hitting songs, but those that are I feel are very solid.

I just got back from my training session (work out with trainer) and it did not go all that well. I got sick towards the end and we had to stop my workout. I did not lift nearly as well. I think I need to eat something but I am so afraid to leave my room because the girls might see me and say something mean or give me looks or just whatever.

I cannot really talk to the girls; they stab me in the back any time they get the chance. They bend and fold the truth to make things scandalous or they dilute them so that a situation arises. As it is in the movie Memento, “Do not trust her, she lies.”

I will be better once I get a meal. The girls used all of my milk but like a splash, so I guess I cannot have any cereal, which is about all I have here to eat.

I want a steak right now ha-ha. Is that so much to ask for?

I need some serious doses of potassium as well; I am so stiff right now.

When I did all the calculations, my workout was not as bad as I had thought.

My Workout

I update that with each workout. I have increased over all by a nearly 2000lbs lifted per exercise. I was at around 2000 and now at around 3600. Check the link from time to time and tell me how well I am doing ha-ha… I do not get that from much of anyone and I think it would help me. Positive attitudes rock hehe

Had a good time with Gus, I think I am going to try to hang out with him some more. It is weird but I feel like I will miss him a LOT when he moves away. I get sad thinking about it. I really like Gus, he is a nice person.

Thinking of being sad… I think I burned up enough calories last night crying for like an hour to eat a regular lunch today. I am scared about losing Geoff and I think that we can work things out. I do not like to think about us stepping things down; I like to think about us opening ourselves up for more time to hang out. He needs more time with his studies and making friends and I need the same. It is just scary for me because I feel like I have given all that I can and if he was to start falling for someone else, I have nothing left to use to win him back.

Anyways, I really must shower now so I can get clean and type up some stuff for my Bio class.

Love to you all.

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