Finally, A Real Student

The first week of classes is almost up and I just finally have a real schedule.  I’m taking 19 hours of courses but will have a surprisingly short time of actually being IN class.  One class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and just two on Tuesday and Thursday.  There are online courses and weekend courses and the ones on Tuesday and Thursday are 90 minutes and the other is 180 minutes.

Not that many actual classes but they sure are long!

So glad classes finally got sorted out.  Sad that I have yet ANOTHER year at Mizzou… They add a year for every year I’m here, I swear.

Tomorrow morning I get all of my books and can start doing my homework.  Oh, and I get to buy another calculator!  That makes five since starting at Mizzou.

Ryan got back in town today, he had been gone for what seemed like a lifetime.  It was wonderful to see him again, hold him and be all lovey dovey.  Oh how I missed him!

Now I guess it is time for me to leave Starbucks and get home.  There have been some really strong storms here tonight which kept me from wanting to plug in at home and was making my internet all sorts of unreliable.

Starbucks has a massive surge suppressor and the internet is battery backed up.  Sweetness.  The parking spot that I normally put my car into was pretty unfortunate tonight.  A huge oak tree was blown over and crashed onto the car that took my place there.  Wow, I avoided car destruction for once!

Here’s another storm shot from my window.

And with that, I’m outta here.  Time for some sleep, gonna wake up early tomorrow.  So far I’ve been really good about getting up and getting ready for class early in the day.  I hate being rushed!

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11 thoughts on “Finally, A Real Student

  1. Holy crap! That storm almost took me down tonight (so much with the wind – good grief!)  Glad your Ryan is back and that your classes are finally squared away.I’m wondering, what does one do with 4 excess Texas Instruments?

    Karens last blog post..What’s in a name?

  2. By Texas Instruments I assume you mean Cowboy Penises?

    No, i’ve got them all boxed up and a couple loaned out.  It’s actually more than four though since I had a TI-82 and TI-83+ in high school and then a TI-83+ Silver and then a TI-83 and then a TI-86 and a TI-36X.  Then Mizzou’s math department, for one semester I think, switched to fucking Casio which sucked.  Total waste of money.

    Now I am forced to get a TI-BA Plus.

  3. last calculator you’ll ever need – just by a PDA and get the emulator – the Saturn processor of the TI-84 series is emulated at perfection. and the emulator runs on most xscale processors at least 10 times faster than the original calculator.I was considering this to be my first application port after I get my IPhone .. if that ever happens.Was also out in this crazy fun night of weather. .. I was driving and I could see swirling masses of dirt poping up everywhere, it was like a tornado was trying to grab hold and just couldn’t get a good bite. I got in the cross winds from two of these masses blowing, and it felt like my car was about to lift from the road. Good times 😉

  4. Well I have to buy the calculators they said to buy, if you bring something other than what is stated on the syllabus to a test, they take it up from you and you’re stuck with no calculator.

    So yeah, no go there unfortunately.

  5. I love both of those pictures. You have such an amazing view of Memorial Union (that’s the castle looking building, Iron Fist.) Don’t make plans on Tuesday night, it’s our night!!!

  6. @ Iron Fist:

    That is Memorial Union. It is a student center here at the University of Missouri built to honor those who died in World War I. Since then it has been expanded as a memorial for all students, faculty and staff that have died in foreign wars.

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