First Off… and secondly;

I don’t ever mean to upset Geoff or put off this, jene sais que…, that i don’t like Geoff or that he is an evil person. I guess the story here is that I just sometimes get these “fits” where I am very upset and have to post. I don’t hate him, quite the opposite.

Whoever has been spreading rumours about him doing things we both know he did’nt do, stop or be taken care of.

I have more bad news, just got back from my doctor appointments. I am back into my depression and back on medicine which is both bad and good. I also have pneumonia, my lungs are pretty full of fluid. On the xray and the lung test, I am only able to breath about half of what a normal person should be able to breath.

That sucks.

I woke up barely breathing. I have a constant headache… I feel like I have been experiencing a 4 day hangover.

Anyways, I have to get my four prescriptions… yick.

Love to you all


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