Flight 736, Smooth Ride –> Some Turbulence

I am in the air over Nevada right now. I miss my previous flight, its crew, its passengers, its destination and origin.

Last flight, we boarded early, took off early. I was surrounded by beautiful people, nice people, trendy people with noses not pressed into Christian Scientists. These people were entertaining, they knew how to joke, how to dress and how to live. My fellow Southwest Airline passengers and I tossed peanuts around the cabin to each other, we all bitched about George Bush and the Emporio Armani guys kept touching each others’ biceps (what, no complaints there).

The crew, oh man, my old crew, they really made the flight. The main flight attendant was a very attractive silver haired buff guy around the age of 30-40. He really pulled of the grey hair, he looked quite a bit like Anderson Cooper. What a hottie. (gay too)

Then there was flight attnedant number two. He was a mix of Ashton Kutcher and Tom Welling. Hilarious, beautiful, graceful and made you feel like he really cared. He had me head over heels, sat next to me, chit chatted about his pink purse (a lady left her purse on the plane, he modeled it for me before returning it to the woman). His name is Brandon… oh Brandon…

My flight-attendant-representing-ladies were equally as fun. One went to Texas A&M! … But oh no. We lost all of these fabulous people when we landed in Las Vegas, the smart, beautiful, fun people left the plane (which, St Louis being the final destination, showed just how smart they really were).

Who came aboard?. Let’s look above. Uber-conservative, loud and crude, dis-orientated with modern fashion/culture and significantly overweight. 7 out of the first 10 I would consider dangerously obese. I used to think I was overweight, fat, even obese. I used to think I was painful to look at, that I was morbidly obese and that no one could possibly find me attractive. The beauty was all on the inside. Not anymore. I have not really lost much weight since I last thought that, I have just put things into perspective and improved another part of my inside, my confidence.

In California, you search for overweight people, at least around where I have been. Here, you search for healthy people. These people don’t care how they present themselves. Sweatpants and tennis shoes. Smokey clothes and yellowed teeth tinged with this feeling that they own the armrest, both of them, and that being packed into a small area is the perfect place to talk about your unexciting life while crossing your arms into my face, reaching across the aisle to get a cookie from your friend one row up and across.


I have gone way too long on this tirade, this rant on MIssourians. Midwesterners really. I know most are’nt like this. Some people are nice and fun and exciting, I know plenty. But these people, the ones I am sitting with, the ones that represented the midwest to Las Vegas last week, they are such terrible representatives. Being overweight is nothing, people can’t control everything in their lives, I for one totally, understand that. That is not my complaint here. My complaint is that these people… they take up my armrest. That is it. I really wanted that arm rest and a good conversation and instead I am pulling my body into itself and writing in my journal. My last seat partner exchanged iPods with me and another chitchatted with me about working for DELL and politics.

I miss you DELL and my “Georgio’s”. I really miss the old crew. This new crew is no fun. No laughter, no playing around, no cute guys… Plus they keep ramming their cart into me and rubbing their fat asses (literally, remember?) into my side and ..face. Agh! No ass in my face please, at least not any of these girls.

The other day, at work, a crazy guy came in. He looked just like Nick Nolte. Seriously. Just like him in that photo taken after being arrested for drunken driving. He took all of our teddy bears and arranged them out of their wicker basket and onto our counter tops so that they could see and talk to each other. Dear lord. He kept talking to us, kept telling us ideas for new drinks… Melissa and I jumped ship and left him with poor Barbara. haha, that was kinda fun, evil but fun.

I got hit on buy another guy that day, whoop! He said I was cute, how, well, cute.

I hung out with Kevin and Mike the other day, I was going to buy them lunch, until the place we went to (Kevin and I picked up the food) did’nt take credit/debit cards. What?! A take-out places that does take plastic. Kevin loved that a little too much. Couple that with me hitting on a friend’s bad-news-ex-boyfriend and you have quite the winner of a day.

I got home after buying clothes and luggage at Target. I love Shannon! haha, muah.

Packed this morning, practiced my song, went to class, sang my heart out. Also forgot to sing the right lyrics. Oh well, I sounded amazing (no really, I did!), just fucked up the lyrics… a bit haha. Who needs those two phrases anyways? Meh, I still had perfect pitch and rythm. I had to skip my next class in order to make it to the airport on time. Fuck, I actually wanted to go to class. (I just cursed twice in a single blog entry. I try to not curse on my journal, damn myself to shit hell, I’m such an asshole bastard. Let’s throw in “scabby cunt” for good measure.)

Forgive me, my Crown Royale and Dr. Pepper has just felt its last touch of ice. I think I need another drink. This place is dead!

My iPod Shuffle is going strong, playing some fantastic music, of course. Expect no less from me I hope.

The iPod Nano I bought, and took a picture of, is not mine any longer. Well, technically it is. But by the time I have posted this, I have already given the Nano to its new owner, still sealed in its original packaging yet loaded up with 332 love songs and the 753 or so most played songs on my computer. I managed to fit some 188 pictures on there and created three playlists. All without breaking a seal. I love giving presents.

I hate, HATE, when people take presents in the wrong way. This happened around xmas time with a friend, thought I was trying to buy something priceless, nope, just really loved to give out fun gifts. Especially the random ones. I have a few planned out right now actually… once I have enough money, I sure don’t want to leave anyone behind!

I left my cellphone on during the flight from OAK to LAS. The plane flew just fine. I remember how scared I used to be, years upon years ago, of flying and how I would probably the the one to forget to turn off the cellphone and cause the computers to blue screen. Thank god they don’t use Windows on these things.

Off to the lavatory with me! And then I shall close my eyes in anticipation of sleep before being picked up by Landon and driven to Columbia. Oh fair Columbia, you have no idea what you have done inviting me back for two days. I’m not the same kid that left. I’m stronger, wiser and recently 21. I have close friends now in four continents and nine countries. I am not sure what that means but I think I am an inch taller for it. Maybe not… yeah, probably not. Damn.

love you, my dedicated readers and the hatemailers that I have not yet received hatemail from.

(finally posting this from Brady on Tigernet! Oh I miss Tigernet!

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  1. YOU ARE HERE!~ It has been 5 long months since I have seen you…..that is a long ass time! I wish I didn’t have to work tonight, we would totally chill. But I love you!

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