Floating Down a River of Lights

The other night, Kevin and I went to the Petaluma Yacht Club with his sister (who is freaking georgeous) and her boyfriend, to watch the boats, sprinkled with Christmas lights, parade down the river.  It was a pretty cool site to see, but a little too much Christmas for the two of us haha, we headed outta there after the frostbite really started to dull our senses.

Prior to the show, we hit up a few Starbucks and shopped a bit at the Petaluma Outlet Mall.  The mall was mostly a total bust, but I don’t think we were expecting much.  The kitchen stores were really fun, the BOSE store was painful.  I swear, all these poor people get brainwashed by BOSE when really BOSE sucks.  I went on a tirade over BOSE to Kevin, what a brave soul!

Time to head outta here, work on a paper.  Much to write, hopefully soon.

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