Fool House

So I had a few people over last night to watch some movies and eat some bits of food and drink a little. It was the perfect sized “party”. We had a really great time. I wish I could have had about three mor people there but things are just comlicated. But either way we had a good time and that is what matters.

I think that Geoff and I are doing much better, personally. I know our last physical presence was not pretty at all nor was our last phone presence, or one of the last at least. I think I just need my space and he needs his so that we can be the friends we used to be. He was my best friend you know. We talked about everything and always had just awesome times. We fell in love as friends before, perhaps it can happen again. We both have a bit of growing up to do until that will work out.

Meanwhile though, I am having a really good time hanging out with old and new friends. Kind of excited about going home to Tulsa and then to Houston and then to Tulsa and then to Columbia and then to Chicago and then to Columbia… That is so awesome! I can’t wait to hang out in Chicago with Andrew. Crazy as it is… Erin and Patrick and Will are probably going to be there. So we might just have the greatest time exploring the city together.

Geoff and I are exchanging gifts today, I am nervous that I am not going to be able to show how I feel for him through presents… if we were dating it would be one thing, but he has someone else and I don’t want to interfere. His new guy, not the guy who I thought would be his first b/f after me, is super duper nice. Geoff has a really good thing going for him because the people he is liking right now seem to all be great.

I am looking at a few guys myself… it will be a while however before it feels right. I know it will be a loooooong time before I fall in love, but I would rather wait a long time and make it work than rush into anything.

Love to all.


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