For No Particular Reason, In No Particular Order

These pictures mean so much to me… though there is not always an immediate reason any of them would.

A movie that means a lot to me, The Lady Killers. Two people know why, myself and Kevin Hunt. Geoff, perhaps does. Never-the-less, those pictured below should know why the pictures are special. I have thousands of you guys, literally. Thousands. Dave, Jenny and Jim top my list on photo quantity. For what that is worth my loves. 😉

Remembering back, it is 2:24 in the morning and I can’t fall asleep. no reason, just can’t. Reminds me of the time period these pictures were taken.

2 thoughts on “For No Particular Reason, In No Particular Order

  1. ahh I remember that time in the rain so well! You tried to put your camera in a plastic bag…that didn’t work..haha I could not stop laughing or shivering for that matter. Oh and remember that fateful trip to STL…good lord, Emily and her crazy boyfriend (whom she is not dating anymore…thank goodness) taking us to east St. Louis to some sleezy strip club… I am so glad that we didn’t end up going. Holy shit that was a messed up trip. Now I don’t even talk to Nissa anymore and rarely see katie. My how times change………..

  2. The photo in the rain is cool. I like how you can see the rain and the expressions on everyone’s faces.

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