Alanis Morissette – Jagged Little Pill – Acoustic – Forgiven

I absolutely love this cd. It is like mixing Alanis MTV Unplugged 2.0 with Alanis Jagged Little Pill, of course that was obvious by the title of the cd Jagged Little Pill – Acoustic. I listened to the entire cd, and then some, during my workout. And holy jeeze, what a workout.

I did so many abdominal workouts, and so hard, that my heart rate went over 162 and I was sweating like Michael Jackson before he got his verdict (well, if he could sweat, sources close to him tell me that that “feature of humanity” was removed to prevent him from aging due to loss of moisture…). I did the eliptical for 5 miles, cycled for 10 miles, worked every major muscle from my feet to my kneck.

Every time I work out I think, wow, that is the hardest workout I have ever done, and every day I repeat the same exasperation! That’s a good thing I believe. I am also getting a pretty decent tan out here, yay for that! Don’t worry, I moisturize heavily 🙂 I am a little nervous though, the medicine I have to take before the surgery makes my skin (or it is supposed to anyways) really sensitive to sunlight. So far I have had no problems. Yay for not getting any side effects.

I am aching to find someone to go with me to see Madagascar. I saw a full preview for it last night before Mr. and Mrs. Smith and just thought it looked to be one of the funniest movies in a while. Dreamworks – Rock On!

My grandmother used to have a “creative artist” that worked for her, she now works at Dreamworks, actually survived the break from Disney… or the acquisition. I can’t remember which haha. Landonnnnnnnn! haha. He would totally know.

Speaking of such, I need to call him… note to self.

I saw 13 peni today. (also read that penises, peni, penas and more are all correct forms of the plural noun “penis”) All were at Gold’s Gym and it kinda freaked me out. I never know what to do when I look up from tying my shoe to see a waggling penis getting stuffed into FTL’s.

In other news… haha. I think that I am doing something with Noah tonight. Perhaps I can get him to go see a movie with me. I hate asking ppl to go though cause it is so expensive. I don’t ever mind paying but I also don’t want people to think that I am buying them or something. Lord knows I don’t have the money to buy someone.

Friendship is expensive but love is priceless. Neither can be purchased, though I know so many people who have tried or accused me of such. I know I could not afford it, why try? haha I am a little bit smarter than that. But just a little… hehe. Self doubt ROCKS!

Anyways, another Alanis song because she sings from her heart, as well as mine.

Alanis Morissette – Jagged Little Pill – Acoustic – Mary Jane

There have been so many songs that have entered my life in the past few weeks that really move me. Regina Spektor is at the height of my mind right now, which is to say that she has been singing exactly what I have been feeling. One song in particular I hope to post soon. The song is from her cd 11:11 (which we all should know means somethign to Justin) and its title Love Affair. Check it out on iTunes meanwhile.

I got a great email from my grandfather today expressing his pride in having me as a grandson. It is so weird… Ten years ago I really thought of him as my step-grandfather. I almost despised him. He was still a Navy guy and took things very seriously.

With time, and the last trip to Cali with him as a catalyst, I consider him my grandfather as anyone would consider their blood relative. I love him, he is an amazing person and a great person at that. Props to him! haha Too bad he is a Replublican. tee hee.

The waitress at Aroma’s, well the cashier girl, was totally clueless what I meant when I asked for Jasmine/Peach Green tea on ice and a bran muffin… Eyes glassed over and her lips chapped. It was troubling. hehe

Holy rocking gazelle Batman! Read the lyrics to the acoustic version of Ironic

It’s meeting the man of my life and meeting his beautiful… husband

God damn Alanis haha. I just love you. I do wonder what it means when popular artists begin to put gay popculture into their music as so many have done in the past few years, and increasingly so with the “Marriage Amendment”. I guess it can’t do too much harm.

Well, in an effort to get to reading, possibly finishing, Auntie Mame, I am going to jet this sexy sexy wireless internet.

Love you all, even those who don’t talk to me.

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