From Las Angeles to San Francisco

It is almost 3:00 am and David and I have finally stopped chatting. We had a fun fun day. We left our hotel in Santa Rosa this morning for the house. We unpacked, got some lunch with my grandfather and then headed to town. David bought a surf board and I bought new tires for my bike. We shopped around and then headed back here to clean up the house.

We got a lot of work done, it is looking really comfy (is that really a word?).

However, I still owe you an update from the other day.

Started out, woke up and headed out for San Francisco. We picked up donuts from Blinkie’s. They were absolutely delicious!

We definitely took the scenic route from LA to San Francisco (well technically all the way to Santa Rosa). It was gorgeous! Instead of writing about, I will give you pics.

Awesome old fashioned bus still in service!

Check out the waves!

Golden Gate Bridge

There were some really hot surfers haha. David says I am a perv for taking pics of them, but quickly retracted the statement when we went through the girls he had taken pics of hehe.

The water was beautiful! Look at it! This is way north Cali, the further north we got, the better the waves

This was hard to take, the wind was blowing hard core. It was crazy how gusty the winds could get. At times we worried about being blow off the cliff!

A view of the top of my car, exciting eh?

Just random fact, if a horse eats this plant, it will go crazy (and likely die). But they sure make pretty flowers!

This flower reminded me of my goldfish plant in CoMo, sure hope someone is taking care of her…

No picture collection complete without macro on a flower! I loved how these were growing in the wild and in such proximity but still very little cross breeding.

Now come on, sunsets like this in Columbia? No way!

David and I had a drink and we are both headed to some great sleep. Tomorrow morning we head to the coast to surf and explore the area via bike. It will be fun indeed. I applied for a job at a market about two blocks from my house, it is the swing shift so I can have another job or go to class, w00t to that!

We met some really intresting people there today haha.


Guy on adds me as a buddy, he is from this area. We go to the sandwich shop today (the little market) and he is totally there! He gives me this startled look and I return it haha. Even David thought it was him, it totally has to be. He is really cute, 23 (according to his profile) and seems to be kind of shy. Awe!

I am stealing wireless from my neighbor, w00t again to that.

I am super tired though, so catch you later. More pics I promise. Oh, cellphone service out here sucks so if you call and I don’t answer or something, just please leave me a voice message and I will call you back when I can. If you don’t leave a voice message I probably will never know you even called.

Much love


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  1. wow those pictures are awesome Justin! The coast up there is so beautiful and those “make horse go crazy” flowers look great. It looks like you are having a great time but just remember your friends back in CoMO, they still love you! Keep updating!

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