From Santa Rosa to Moscow in Five Minutes

Ahhhh, the sites and sounds of Santa Rosa. Fast cars, fast times, sweet smell of leaded fuel… What a beautiful car eh?

I dropped David off at the shuttle station around 4:45, but hung out there with him till the shuttle arrived about 5:15. It was a really sad moment for us both. Neither wanted it to happen. But it was for the best, he was accepted into a medical program, 25/450 get accepted. So he had to get home for that and all the jazz connected with it.

Anyways, headed back home and went to sleep again. Felt great. Woke up to the pounding of hammers, scratch that, pounding of hammer. At least the contractor’s son showed up for work haha. Eventually John, our scratchy contractor appeared, lectured me about how I am not supposed to be here… Whatever.

I did not want to deal with John so I headed to town and checked out Gold’s Gym, only $30 a month. I am so joining, but first I need to get a tour. Other real option is Stan Bennet’s Gym, really popular up here but I have not seen one in person. I really want to check out Stan’s before making a decision. I think they are only $20 a month… yummy price.

Oh, so the guy in the picture over there. He was just some random cute gay guy I saw today, of about 100. I don’t know what to do about all the options out here. I am not used to it. I came here wanting to stay away initially from the gay community but that is proving to be impossible as the gay community seems to dominate the area. Antique shoppes, wineries, French cafes and used bookstores… who would have thought the gay population would be dominate…

The other picture, the last, is of Epiphany Music, they seem to have an outdoor event going on everytime I visit!

I have a home phone setup now, if you want the number let me know. I am sure everyone just can’t wait to call me! Email works.

So new music for you guys. I broke down and bought Regina Spektor on iTunes today. Not that bad a deal, two cd’s for like $17. Yeah, $17 I don’t really have but who cares. First song to catch my attention was Us. Check it out.

Regina Spektor – Soviet Kitsch – Us

Speaking of the Soviet… Got a call from Bank of America this morning, something about my card being stolen. My cellphone broke off before I could figure out exactly what happened. I went to Best Buy to get an answering machine and ended up leaving with Fat Actress on DVD instead. Only when I tried to check out, the card came up “rejected”.

I called my bank. Guess who has been all over Moscow? ME! Someone has been buying stuff with my card in Moscow, Russia. Of all places… I got my card fixed, they are sending me a new one, meanwhile I can’t use my card outside of California. Bastard crooks! Eitherway, three cheers to Bank of America for catching fraud on my account, the first time they found it before it was too late! It happens to me once a year. You can’t just write this stuff people, it really does happen to me. Who else gets four months of pneumonia? Who else gets bitten by a spider thirteen times in a single night’s sleep? Who else drops a broomstick on their foot and almost cuts it off (god damned it hurt! still healing…)? Who else gets lectured by their jackass contractor? Who else but me. Who else but… me.

Makes for a great life story I guess. I cannot wait till March, and maybe I won’t, to publish my first book. I might break down and have it published sooner. Limited edition I am sure haha. Just three copies for now. If you have been reading my blog long enough, you realize it is nothing special, just my life. Which is in itself, nothing special. Ordinary or Ex-tra-ordinary…

Not sure what to think about Mike… Starts our conversation with quite the statement… Oh well.

I am outta here, dinner time. I did get to talk to Jenny and Jim today for a good long period of time. Disappointment keeps rising, but not in them of course. Others rather. Oh well, to each their own. Tried calling Geoff today, just ended up leaving voicemail. Fabulous times to all. Patrick and I talked for a bit today, it was a fun conversation. Miss all my people!

Shout out to Brittany!

No emails from Matt or Landon in a good while. Hope all is well…

Love out


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  1. that would be mrs. spears federline and that would be the uncoolest brittney of all uncool, popstar brittneys. 🙂

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