From Seth to Syth (All that different?)

So Seth’s party was a bust. He would’nt really even make eye contact with me, much less talk. He was spending all of his time with Derek, fixing him up for the party. When I showed up, the only thing he really said to me was asking if I could work the bar…

I hung around there for about an hour, with him not talking to me. I talked with Meghan and Alexandriacat about it and they advised me to just leave if he was treating me like that, and has been for a while. I took their advice and headed to Mike’s to talk.

We played Star Wars and had a great time. Kevin was I think in the city at a movie.

I left Mikes around 1:30 and went back to Seth’s to try it around again… He was dancing with Derek, looked me in the eyes and continued dancing. Hurt, sad and disappointed, I left, again.

This morning I went to see Seth at his house around 7:30. I walked into his room where he was cuddling with Derek, two other guys were in the bed with him. Jumping to conclusions would not be a good thing, but the thoughts in my head for the past few weeks about Derek and Seth seem to be realizing themselves. I took pictures… I did not know what to do, so I took a picture on my camera phone. Argh!

I have an uncanny ability to figure these things out, as and even before they occur. From the start Derek seemed to make it clear to me that he did not like me… Well, point has be made.

I have tried calling Seth a few times but he won’t answer, albiet still early in the morning.

I felt so sick to my stomach leaving his house… What does one do in my situation? William John, send me a message!

4 thoughts on “From Seth to Syth (All that different?)

  1. where i am still trying to get around how starbucks can treat you so shoddy, everything appears to be hitting you at once. i’m feeling like dr. bombay… “dr. bombay… dr. bombay… calling dr. bombay.” and he was no good at spells or advice at all.

    you wrote ‘You say you love me but never do anything to show it’. my mother will throw around that old catch phrase “actions speak louder than words” and nod as though she invented it. But she’s right. not that she invented it, but that there is only so much that someone can take of you before you give up in place of giving in.

    What does one do in my situation?
    I’ve never been even vaguely in this situation, so to predict what i might do is beyond me. no doubt i’d cry me a river, listen to a lot of Carpenters and stare at a fixed spot for lengths of time until a thought pops into my head and I realize what i am doing is counter-productive to life.

    You’re better than your treatment would reflect. And don’t you forget it(!).

    William John.

  2. Justin man I hope things turn out ok. If it was meant to be then things will work out…but you and your health are more important than anything else so try and remember that!

    Keep us posted and remember to vent..holding steam in will only cause an explosion.

    Love from TX – Jeff

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