Fuckity Fuck

Labor Day weekend was proving to be really awesome. Had fun hanging out with my friends, working, having a three day weekend… and then shit happened.

Some one felt the need to throw a football sized rock through my window causing damage to the interior of the car and obviously destroying the window. Oh, and they stole my 30gb iPod Video and my UltimateEars ifi5 Pro headphones.

Did you know insurance doesn’t cover stolen items from your car?  True story.  Beyond “permanent installations”, you are fucked just like me.

7 thoughts on “Fuckity Fuck

  1. Aargh! I feel the heartache, Justin. Those pictures are terrible. Why do people do these things to other people’s stuff? Simple answer, some people suck. Don’t worry, karma will get them. I’m sure they’ll sell the iPod to buy drugs to accidently overdose on. What a world we live in…

    The same thing happened to my sisters boyfriend. To get his iPod back, he told them he had installed a device to attach it to the car, and thus it was a permanent fixture.

    Your poor car hasn’t had much luck. How about that jerk with the basketball? I’d hug you if I could, but you’re too far away. 🙁

  2. Renters or homeowners insurance might cover your ipod. My renters insurance covers items stolen from my car.


  3. Well, Richard. State Farm says they don’t cover iPods, not even under personal article policies. So I’m f’d at getting those things replaced. In fact, they don’t cover anything out of my car that isn’t a permanent installation and since my renter’s insurance wasn’t up in time, screwed for the headphones.

    The car is fixed and back into regular condition, less glass shards every once-in-a-while

  4. OMG!!! Someone broke into your car and stole your iPod too!!! So that makes three people that have had their iPod lost/stolen this summer (Mike, Tim, you and I)!!! I guess that means that we’ll have to buy an iPod Touch now! Oh darn! (But I’m going to wait until they come out with more memory.)

    Miss ya! Hope yo are well!

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