Fun with my Epson RX620

Hello! I rarely say hello on this thing…

You should already know now that I am in love with my new Airport Express. I am in my bedroom, Mark is on the phone cooking dinner in the kitchen and I am playing Rufus Wainwright’s Imaginary Love on the speakers in the living room, wirelessly. Wow, The Brothel really needs this for parties. For real.

So what’s the “D” with me being so busy? I am scheduled at work for like 34 hours a week but I am at work anywhere from one hour to four hours after I am supposed to be out of there. I don’t mind at all, I freaking love my job to death, the people I work with and the amazing customers I meet each day. I only wonder how it will translate on my paycheck. It will sure be nice to make some extra money, my apartment is $650 a month, that is like $400 more than my old apartment!

I moved into an apartment that Mark already lived in. Mark is this guy I met through Starbucks, his friend’s car blew a tire in our parking lot, I gave him a free tow truck through my roadside assistance and we became friends after that. He needs someone to live here for a few months to help pay rent and while I wait for my house to be finished, should be within the next two months!  I really like living closer in to town, being in the forest has its pluses but I am a city boy.  I am looking at moving to San Francisco or outta this area of the country /world completely after this semester…

So back to the title of this post.  I was bored with putting up laundry and thought I should play around with my scanner.  Most of the things you scan with a computer scanner are things that have been produced artificially.  A photograph, a label, a picture, etc.  Using raw artwork or naturally occurring items to scan allows you to really see the quality of the scanner.  I scanned a box of the first Black Apron coffee of the season, the Kenya Kirinyaga coffee (really delicious coffee!), a leaf from a plant in the living room and my keys.  Click any of these pics to see the fullsized version, well almost full size.  Apparenly, my scanner is really darn good.  The leaf picture, if scanned at resolution would be around 25gb’s!  That is enough to just about fill up my new iPod Video (opted for the 30gb since I have 120gb of music).

Click here to get the super huge picture of the leaf.

Well, I am off to work on my room a bit more, maybe get some dinner, head to Mikes to say hi and pick up some stuff and then I believe I am meeting some of my most favorite Starbucks Barista’s at Aroma Roasters!

Catch you guys later, kisses.

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