My dad flew out today for Tulsa, we had a good time while he was here.

I got a futon for my apartment so I am no longer sleeping on the floor.  I am still sickened that I am paying $650+ a month for this place.  It is not worth it.  I think this will be my first and only month here.  Which brings me to my next “announcement”.

I am moving out of California.

Back to Columbia or Austin.  I still have my apartment in Columbia, it was kinda given away from under me but I am on the lease so it really is my apartment.  If I get stress over that, then I will just move to Austin and say goodbye to Columbia.

Since I have been out of Mizzou for a year, I am not sure how or if I can get back in.  Perhaps I can just, get back in, but I might have to do Columbia College for a semester and then merge back in, we are talking about that right now.

California is three times more expensive than Columbia and twice as expensive as Austin, to live.

Of course, if I was promoted to assistant manager, I would probably be able to afford life out here, or if my house was closer to work and school.

I have been painfully unsuccessful at finding love here.  I have found much happiness here, fallen into an incredibly diverse network of friends and gotten a job with a company (Starbucks) that I love far too much to be healthy.  I have also made some huge mistakes…

Anyways, if things turn around out here, I make more money or find a cheap place to live, I might stay here, but if not…  Of course, there is also a Starbucks in the works in Columbia, if I could get some C.ISO training, maybe I could start off there as a shift or ASM.  That would be amazing.

Anywho, before I leave, gotta shower and drop some cinnamon dolce off at my Starbucks.  Last night, while enjoying the best mocha in town, from Aroma Roasters, dad and I sat at a table with newspapers strewn across its top.  Apparently the woman (?) there before us was using the papers as notepads.  Here is a clip from one of them.

Click to enlarge…

Funny thing, we knew her entire life for the day.  Wonder how dinner was at Andrade’s at 7:00… We actually thought about going there and looking for her haha.

Shower time.

4 thoughts on “Futonlicious

  1. I agree you love for Starbucks is unhealthy. No one should like Starbucks its crap, and 99% of the management is about 1 IQ point above “I crap myself and need to wear a helmet 24hrs a day”.

  2. Ha ha, oh Matt, you make my day. I was thinking about you, as I do everytime I see the mop… The mop really reminds me of you, what does that mean exactly?

  3. I thought you wanted to get off the lease and but we couldn’t get the paper signed? Not that I don’t want you to move back in, it just has been so long and lots of things have changed. Technically it is still yours but I would really like to talk to you about it all. Love ya!

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