Future:Bleak I:Weak

Love is Over,
Love is Shit,
Love is Augur,
Love be Whit.

Break my Soul,
Break my Heart,
Break my Will,
That’s a Start.

Love falls Amiss,
Which heads Bliss,
Crying to Sleep,
Darkness does Creep.

Death be Sweet,
Death be Quick,
Death be Near,
Death we Meet.

and yet another awful poem by a person awfully sad in a world that is awfully unfair around people that are awfully unaware. get off the horse, remove the saddle, cut off the stirrups and strip off the spurs. this ride is over, before it ever got to start, just began trotting and lost its rolling cart. the cart is a symbol, of the love i thought i had, turns out the cart was not the stagecoach i thought. the driver was wonderful, or so did he seem, turns out that he was only quite mean. he ran the horses, till foamed sweat did seep, and he ran them up hills, ever so steep. fairness was none, the horses are feelings, turns out he but rented his. 8 months into lease, he cut and jumped ship, the reins dragged behind the galloping mares. with no one to lead them, what chances did they fare? the reins were always so tight, he held them with all his might (albiet little, it was enough), leading his indentured servants into the night. do not go quietly, do not go swiftly, do not fight it, just take it readily. the cart was destoyed, axels exploded. the horses ran on, a cliff soon closing, haha, this sucks and youre off boozing. whatever works for you, certainly would’nt for me. share you sexually
no way, emotionally you were already gone. you saw someone else and lied to my face, you told me you loved me and my heart’s disgrace. i can’t stop loving you and that is hard to explain, you quickly stopped loving me and that is harder to make sense of. i hope i can get over you, or you over yourself. either way, hard to be friends with a 2:1…

what the fuck ever, this is over. going away, perhaps for good sometime soon. let’s make the plan. and don’t be so fucking vain.

still love you though, can’t make that stop. you know how i feel. carry the ring everywhere i go, rub my ears constantly, tap my nose to chest and up, course you probably will share those with him.

gotta get over all of this. let’s try again, justin’s new live, version 3.5

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