Gay Marriage News | Setbacks for gay marriage in two states

March 12, 2004 | SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The California Supreme Court halted gay weddings in San Francisco, but only so it can take the time to decide whether they are legal.

Ok, I am gay… Wow, surprised? Thought not. Why is it that everyone goes back to the institution of marriage, the original definition that they see as “the inviolable union between one man to one woman in a house of God, instituted by the power of the State”. Wait though… is that the original definition??? Who in the world is qualified to give the definition of marriage, considering how words change so often? Who else but the guys at Oxford.

The first mention of the word “marriage” was in 1297 AD according to the Oxford English Dictionary (which I just bought hehe).

The condition of being a husband or wife; the relation between married persons; spouse hood, wedlock

1297 AD it was to him gret prou and honour to be in such marriage alied to the emperor

It does not say “the condition of being husband AND wife” or “the relation between A married MAN AND WOMAN”

I like to live by the Oxford English Dictionary, it has gotten me through a lot of arguments, and if we are really talking about changing the definition/institution of the word/likeness of marriage, what better resource to cite than the venerable OED?

I am 100% for the original definition of marriage; be that a wedlock/spousehood/relation of man and woman, woman and woman, or man and man.

The Bible DOES have passages against homosexuality. But the United States is not run by the church. Any church. We have a separation of the church and the state. So more power to you using religion as an argument against homosexuals, but it can’t be used to argue government policy. Saying “In God We Trust” is OK to me, but I sympathize with those who could be offended. We can’t compensate for everyone, I know. But we should NEVER oppress anyone, purposely.

I would like to mention that the first use of the word was the “marriage” of a man to his emperor”. Not “empress”. This is not to say that the first use of the word was a homosexual use, just something worth noting.

My roommate, and best friend, who saved my life a few times last semester (it was a rough time in my life, I thank everyday I have him… still is a rough time…) is gay. I love him to, well death. I want nothing more than for him than to become the psychiatrist he wants to be and have the family he wants to have. And I better be at least the best man at the wedding.

The government (Republicans, ref- Dictators) need to realize that the framers of the Constitution framed it in the way they did so that it could grow with the people. The Seperation of Church and State is a prime example. The Framers felt that if they gave their new nation an official church, they would only do to themselves what they had been fighting to escape from. Prior to America, most any country that was civilized was ruled by two powers, the power of the reigning government and the power of the church. The Catholic Church ruled the lands for eons. Popes “excommunicated” rulers who did not give them enough money, did not fight for their crusades, etc. This imposing of a religion on a people did not allow much growth. Let’s think…

America, one of the youngest great power, and by far the greatest as of this posting, was a country founded with no official religion, hell we don’t even have an official language! How did we get so great, so quickly and so, relatively, peacefully? We separated the church from the government. We did not and do not and should not allow a church or religion to take any type of rule on our country. We opened our eyes, opened our minds and filled them with beautiful new things. Cars, planes, trains; gold rushes, depressions, stock market surges; civil wars, TV network wars, world wars… We observed it all, learned from it all and have done our best, in most cases to build off of this knowledge.

When the new land was found and settled, it was filled with uptight Puritans. I have nothing against my ancestors. In fact, if they were here now, I would treasure their tight asses as a place to put the coal we would otherwise burn to create energy, polluting the earth and sky, to make diamonds… Look at these people! If they claimed my mother was a witch, how would they prove it and how would they come about this accusation? Well Mary Wordsworth lost $0.50 in her sales at the Farmer’s Market last week to my mom whose quilts were made mechanically to her hand made ones full of imperfections. How would they tell if my mother was a witch? They would through her into a large body of water, weighted with stones and if she floated to the top, she was a witch, if not, she was a dead puritan.

Thank God (pun intended) that these guys met up with the French. Wow, quite the antithesis of the puritans. They brought us such things as casual sex, fine cheeses, and arrogance. God I love the French.

All of a sudden the world is following the Americans. We have the corsets tighter than the French, we have lands greener than the Irish and we have people more hoity than the English. “They like me, the really like me” (Thanks Sally Fields).

Even today the world follows America’s lead, well most always. But now we are behind. All our work is being sent to Asia and India. This makes the wealthy wealthier and everyone else jobless. This makes the Asians and Indians, well it makes them just above third world. Hey, that is good for them, seriously, they deserve it… I love Thai food.

Belgium and England both allow gay’s to marry. Yeah, you knew I was going to being this back. Belgium has marvelous chocolates so that is cool… England has, well they have… Damn, what does England have besides inbred monarchs with bad teeth and lives more scandalous than All My Children and One Life to Live?

Still they both allow gays to marry and give almost 100% equal rights to gays as they do to breeders. These are not the only countries, just the two I wanted to use because they form the word “be” which I love. How could you not love the word “be”? That would be like not loving the look on Martha Stewarts’ face when she was found guilty of being a woman with more money than her male counterparts. Seriously though, that bitch deserves to room with a 280 pound burly woman who used the recalled Firestone tires as flower pots for eighteen months at least. And what is $1,000,000 when you have $1,000,000,000?

Ok, wow, getting off topic. Basically, I want to marry the guy I want to marry and if I have to feast on chocolates or stop brushing my teeth to do so, than so be it.

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  1. I was looking at the defination of the word marriage in the Merriam-Webster online addition..yeah I know I don’t have the cool OED but I will survive…and it said

    1 a (1) : the state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law (2) : the state of being united to a person of the same sex in a relationship like that of a traditional marriage b : the mutual relation of married persons : WEDLOCK c : the institution whereby individuals are joined in a marriage.

    As you already pointed out nothing in the defination says anything about the “under God” statement. It is good that they regoinze same-sex marriages but it is just saying that they are not traditional “breeder” (which I don’t know if I like that word but oh well) marriages, but who defines “traditional” anyway?

    I really like this quote Justin!
    “I would treasure their tight asses as a place to put the coal we would otherwise burn to create energy, polluting the earth and sky, to make diamonds..”

    I don’t want you to stop brushing your teeth ever Justin…hopefully America (aka the president) will realize the right thing to do.
    Justin, I hope you find the happiness you deserve, you are such an amazing person. Oh yeah and i love the “at least” statment in this quote.
    “And I better be at least the best man at the wedding”

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