Geoffdate (as in Geoff Update)

So I am freaking out. Tonight, at 8:00 Addisson’s, I am having dessert with Geoff. It is going to possibly be the very last time I ever see or hear from him. God it is going to be painful. I really hope that it will settle a lot of things, hopefully I will be able to get through to him, he has a really fucked up idea about me. I am not 99% of what he thinks I am, I am just about 100% of what he thought I was when he loved me.

Dave and I watched Alien 3 lastnight/today. It was really good. I love the Alien series, there are two more left, plus I wanna try out Predator… Plus there is a sixth Alien movie in pre-production right now. I am going to miss him… Argh!

So, I have two hours before I go out with Geoff, I wonder when I should pop some Xanax… I am going to need it. Leslie said she would bring me out for a stiff drink if things went poorly haha. Friends! Gotta love them.

Holy cow this show is great haha. Hilarious!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Why is life so damn rough?

Fuck packing, I have to get ready for Geoff. FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!

Okee dokee, time to shower or pack or pop pills (as per the RX of course).


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