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I have written about the wonderful plugin Zemanta before on my blog.  It has become, by far, the most used and useful plugin when writing a post, period.

Just as I wrote the last time, Zemanta takes information from your posts and creates relevant links, tags and even embeds pertinent images.

With the newest release of Zemanta you can customize the sources of information by importing your Twitter stream, an OMPL file from your favorite RSS feed aggregator, MyBlogLog or a specific website.

So far, after setting up my Zemanta with these preferences, I haven’t noticed much of a change, however, I will keep a close eye to see how these changes affect my posts.

Some changes I would like to see would be multiple images, multiple image sizes, adding your own links as a suggestion (follow the Zemanta write up on self embedded links) and YouTube video/Google Maps embedding instead of just linking.

I would prefer to click a suggested link to select the source instead of hovering, on a laptop with a touch sensitive track pad, it can be a pain.  I have also noticed that I quite often the top two links are exactly the same and I miss the ability to add all the suggested links and tags.

Adding the social networking to Zemanta is a great idea and well implemented, so far as I can see.  I look forward to actually seeing my OMPL feeds show up as suggestions.

Overall Zemanta has increased my sites’ visibility and usability and I recommend it to everyone.

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