Getting Healthy(er)

I have found myself freaking out recently about my health, body, image and etc.  I have always had a thing about trying to be thinner, more in shape, cleaner, smarter and funnier.  I have made some inroads.

Health?  Well, I have stopped eating anything I can’t make at home.  Phosophomaltodexitrinextodextoescent ingredients are avoided as phosophomaltodexitrinextodextolake5escent foods should be avoided.  Not going the “organic” way really, but going as whole as I can on a budget and without going all crazy.  It just feels better to know what you are consuming, to know that things weren’t added to my food that I can’t pronounce.  Why all the preservatives if I’m going to eat it so soon?  My strawberries molded in two days.  I was happy!  haha, they shouldn’t last so long.

I’m working out more, and working on making myself more diligent on working out more.  I want to be in great shape with a body that makes me jealous of my future boyfriend for getting to see my body… haha, not really but you know what I mean 🙂

Going to go through my massive (uh, it is a bit embarrassing) wardrobe and clean out what I don’t need or want and start a bit fresh.  Nothing too drastic.  I got my haircut (she cut it too short but hair grows) and my eyebrows done up nice (hehe).  I have taken to treating myself to a long bath, like 30 minutes to an hour in length; candles, incense, music, it’s a good thing.

One thing I am totally digging right now is Hellogoodbye.  BUY this cd!

I bought a Juiceman (Jr) Juicer today at Wal-Mart for only like $35!  It is incredible.  I had three plums before work today and tonight I juiced four plums, three oranges and two bananas which I will devour for breakfast tomorrow with some whey protein.

I only drink tea or water at work, no more of the sugary stuff.

I have even been getting more sleep!  Ironic that I type that at 2:31 in the morning with no sleep in sight, for a bit at least.

Saving money is key right now too.  I have new plans for it.

I have been working at memorizing everything I see and hear.  I want to be able to see something and describe it later “to the t”.  I have gotten pretty good so far; skimmed a Missourian article and memorized all the details, from dates and names to places and quotes.  Geoff just laughed it off haha, as I recited parts of the Classified section to him over “noncoffee coffee time”.  Lahved it haha.

I’m tired of drunk ppl, and school has only just begun!  That’s no good haha.  Or rather, it is good for me, but annoying when so many people around you are drunk.  Boooooo.

Well, I’m going to try and get some sleep, Hellogoodbye just finished playing and I hope to get into a doctor tomorrow for my bum eye.  Also hope to see Snakes on a Plane with a friend (Justin C.).

Love you all, miss you all.


p.s. to the keeper of Max (the monkey), I love you.

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