Going Postal

ultimate-ears-order-formsm.jpgSo I love my UltimateEars Super.fi 5 Pro headphones.  Really, the best headphones I have purchased; I even prefer them to my Sennheiser HD600’s, work with my iPod without an amplifier and knock-out all the sound around me.  Plus they are super portable.

My complaints?  Well, my headphone cable has shorted out twice and one of the replacements they sent me was defective.  Right now I have a replacement cable that is black, doesn’t match my clear headphones.  That’s a bit annoying.  More recently I realized that I needed to replace the flexible silicon ear tips.

Now, this was more of an expected thing.  Mine were a year old and I didn’t really expect the little pieces of rubber to last that long.  Further more, they didn’t break, I lost one.

But when I tried to order a new set (5 pair for $10) I found another annoying situation with the company that I otherwise adore.  Their order form has a field titled “Postal Code” but there isn’t a blank for it.  So, when you try to check out it gives you an error message requesting you to fill out the postal code section… but you can’t!

So I have $300 headphones (now available around $180, get them!) that I can’t really use.  Erg.

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