Guys from Ritz Camera Lie

Just a note. Ritz Camera in Chicago was trying to get me to pay $40 for a rechargable batter for my $50 (normally $200ish) new digital camera. I got in an arugment that the only reason I have the cheap camera was that it was cheap and doubling its price would be pointless.

He said I would get 30 pictures max with AA batteries.

With regular, CHEAP, AA batteries I was getting about 50-100 pictures (depends on how quickly I took them and which features I used). With my new 2500mA rechargable AA batteries (which were two sets for $15) I am able to take 350 pictures with just two batteries! Eat shit Ritz Camera!

One thought on “Guys from Ritz Camera Lie

  1. i only buy cameras/ camera paraphanalia from amazon. rumor has it that most of those other places (ritz, b&h, etc) jack up prices or strip cameras of the accessories they’re supposed to come with… or they try to sell you incredibly pointless junk :).

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