Ha Ha, I Love This Music Video!

Eric Prydz – Call on Me

I am really sorry that this autoplays, I have tried everything to keep it from autoloading but it refuses to listen to me. If anyone has any ideas, lemme know. It is a WMV file with this embedding code…

Just click the picture to see the video. Anyone wanna teach me how to properly embed WMV? I can do MOV just fine and music is obviously done here easily (I love the click to load script I use, would kill for that with WMV, works with MOV already of course).

And…. it turns out I don’t even know how to put code into a page and not have it executed. I tried div class=”code” tages and just a code tag but it still loaded the video.

Pulling out hair here!

One thought on “Ha Ha, I Love This Music Video!

  1. I think all the girls in the music video are so hott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would like to meet the girls so give me ur cell #’s

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