Ha, See?!

So, Matt said to not listen to Callie’s advice haha, so I guess that means I should hang out with Seth tonight… tee hee… and, guess what, I’m doing it.  Yikes! LMAO

Off now to see Seth… why?  Meh, who knows.

2 thoughts on “Ha, See?!

  1. WOMAN!!! what in the world!?!?!? you know what i’m thinking….listen to Callie next time! 🙂 ha ha. things are going well here…. other than the smell of things. ha ha. 🙂 my mum said that you called the other day, and this is the only way I can get ahold of you… I don’t know what your current email address is… but now you have mine…. so email me if you’d like. you should get the journal by the post soon enough. we don’t have internet on campus yet b/c we don’t have IDs so we have to pay for it.. so i’m going to get off for now… email me…. catch you soon and take care!

  2. Wow, wow…At no time did I ever say do the opposite of what Callie says. I simply said do not take Callies advice into consideration. Your using faulty logic! (Its amazing how quickly school is transforming me isnt it? lol)

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