Haircuts, Rain, Disney, Wireless Routers

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So much has happened in the past 24 or so hours.

Dave called me and asked me about clippers, whether or not I had any. I was planning to buy some anyways, so Jim and I went to Wal-Mart to get some and prepared to cut Dave’s hair. This was going to be fun haha. I was nervous to do his hair but if we fucked it up we were just going to buzz it or mohawk his hair.

I started out the haircut and Jim finished it off. At first I felt kind of replaced and worthless because Jim was asked to do the actual cutting of the hair and he just seems to do everything I do, a little better. But that goes for most everyone.

So Jim cut it into a faux-hawk and it looks absolutely fabulous. It was really fun doing his hair, I still need to clean up the mess we made in the girls bathroom and my bathroom.

Check out the results, Dave looks even hotter!

I had bumped into Ben Coe on the way to Ryan’s and started to freak out. Then the replacement as a haircutter and then hearing the cheers from Greek Week skits and finally getting shit from Jenny about not making her a bowl of ice cream (it was fake and I knew that but at the time it just fucked me up even more)… it all threw me over the edge and I just ran to my room and cowered. I was so freaking depressed, I felt like dying.

Jim and Dave came in and talked to me for hours, it was a really wonderful talk. I still think I am fat, ugly, stupid and then some but I still must say that I enjoyed the conversation.

We all slept together and it was a blast. A little warm and a little packed, but I enjoyed it.

That was all last night. Tonight Jim and I were supposed to go to a poetry reading event, we ended up not going and instead watched Dogville. It is an incredible movie and everyone should watch it. Then we got energized…

It started to rain tonight and Jim, Dave and Jenny ran outside to play in the rain. I started to and then realized, pneumonia still… so I got an umbrella and took pictures of it. They were having just way too much fun, it was awesome. The rain did not last too long sadly, but it was a hard rain. The roads were just washing down so hardcore, it was really cool.

The rain was amazing, so powerful and fast and cold. It was incredible, I love seeing the power of nature.

Jim and Dave got into some towels and played around. How cute! Dave did a few poses and after a while we decided to play a game. Mad Gab was the game of choice, not mine but it’s all good haha. Geoff was right, that game sucks (in my opinion and his haha).

They played teh game while I half-way played and half-wayed sat on the internet. I got a phone call from Keith which was nice. He is a really nice guy, I like him a lot, even though I have never met him.

We watched Fat Actress episode six earlier today and ate Kettle Corn I made, it was yummy!

Who is the hottie in the unabomber atire?

The night was fun. We all went like crazy and started thinking up old Disney songs and cartoons that we saw when we were young. I am so impressed at what they remember. I only saw most Disney movies like once so I am not a lot of good when we get on that subject. I do enjoy it though! I went and bought 125 Disney classics though. We have been listening to them for the past hour or so. We really should be sleeping but we keep listening to more music. I cannot believe how much they know, I think they are sick… Well perhaps I am just jealous. I am going to go with the jealousy, it is much easier to cope with than sick/crazy people.

Speaking of jealousy… I get to sleep with two guys tonight, none of which have any feelings for me! ROCK!

We just all chilled out in the living room. I wonder if Dave believes that I can be a “chill” person. He laughed at me when I said that I like to just be “chill”… maybe it is because I am so high strung sometimes, more so lately than in the past.

We have all had some good talks recently. It is nice.

Ok. So back from a sweet slumber. I just dropped Jim off at Gillet and Dave and I are watching 007 Goldeneye. Maybe we will play the game later… That would be nice.

We played Mad Gab, as you no doubt read above. Note our grande chandelier. I love to pretend that it is a real, crystal chandelier in some beautiful ballroom in some glorious European ballroom…

We went to Wal-Mart ya know, these guys were walking around the area we were in singing, well one was, “I hate gay people, I hate gay people…” How charming.

We watched the Little Mermaid on our new VCR, it was fabulous. We also got a new wireless router, the old one died last night, damn! The new one is just so hot right now. Love’n it.

Dave and I had ice cream for breakfast, yummm… but I really wanted and still want Jimmy Johns. I doubt he will eat it with me but maybe I can steal away and get some haha. I need to pay my cellphone bill today and pick up the rest of my medicine.

I am done with this entry, it is a complete mess. I will hopefully have a much nice one later today or tonight. I hopefully will have something to do tonight beyond Queer Monoloques. Tomorrow there are a few parties. I really really need a haircut right now too, otherwise I won’t feel the least bit cute! Maybe a new outfit for the weekend… hmmmm.

Much love,


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