He Knows He’s Cute

“Beautiful things increase our alertness in the world”

-Elaine Scarry
Literary scholar

Well hot damn! That explains why I am so jumpy. My roommate is so beautiful that I am alert to things that are not even happening. And all this time I thought I was just going crazy. No, I was just living with Geoffrey

“Constant submission to cute things causes heightened epiphimatic response”

-Dr. Phillip G Zimbardo
Frm. Pres. APA

No shit… so that is why Geoff always is having those “seriously!” and “I know!” exclamations! He is living with the definition of cute! (that’s me just FYI)

So what happens when you mix beauty and cuteness? You get room 342!

Quote of the day… “Don’t think I won’t cut you fool!”


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