Healdsburg Rocks!

Yesterday David and I woke up early and headed over to Healdsburg to get breakfast at a quaint bakery.

Here is the sign that greeted us into town haha.

Tell me that is not hilarious!

Next fantastically funny picture…

So hideous that the even the dog turned away!

And finally, the two oldest people in town, I am sure, smoking. I have never seen such old people smoking, it is odd. David and I were taken aback at this site, so of course I photographed it. Like the time Geoff and I saw the Minonites driving a Chevy Tahoe! Oh the days right?

After that fun trip, David went off to the beach and I went to check out job opportunities. I totally have to great jobs lined up but… I want an experience. I don’t want an easy job, a normal job. I don’t want to make a lot of money and I don’t want to be excited about putting it on my resume. I was a shitty ass job that will bring me stories that will last a lifetime instead of dollars that will last a past time. Wow, that was almost deep! I love you!

David and I cleaned up the tennis court for our party tonight. It is going to be awesome. We met some really hot girls last night and some super cute guys. Plus my contractor’s (yick) super fun/hot/bluecollar son is going to join us and bring a bunch of his friends, guys and gals. It is going to be a fantastic time I am sure… if it even happens haha.

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