Hella Good Sick

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Well holy shit! I went with Jim to Wal-Mart last night o get some ice cream and some sodas (for him). We chatted and walked around Wal-Mart, I had a really wonderful time. I just love Jim, he is a wonderful person.

Anyways, he got some ice cream and I just felt I had to get some as well… BAD IDEA! Ha ha, it has been about 5 months since I had Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked and boy… I should not have started.

About 5 minutes after eating the ice cream I was dizzy, queezy and falling all over the place. It was as if I had taken some drug. Jenny was with me and watched me down a huge glass of milk and then about a quart of water in single drinking sessions. It was crazy.

I felt like I was going to vomit until I went to sleep… I guess I had not really eaten anything during the day so to suddenly consume like 1000 calories (HOLY FUCK!), so many from sugar, was a shock to my body.

I woke up, thank you Jenny, ten minutes before my exam. I did not wake up with my alarms, they were too quiet. She woke me just in time to get dressed and take the final. Parts of it were so simple they insulted me and the rest was so badly written that there could be at least two possible answers. Gah! I don’t like stupid professors.

I have to get my car winterized soon, maybe I will drive Jenny to get her brakes done today.

Geoff will be here (campus) soon. We are going to have breakfast. Not sure how happy my stomach will be to have food in it. My stomach is still yelling at me so I am not sure if it would please it to have food or to run on empty a little longer. I really don’t like this sick feeling.

I am going to try and remove “really” from my internal dictionary. It i just a nasty word I use far too often.

But anywho, I would greatly enjoy the company of Kevin today. He is getting a new cell phone, Cingular, so we will be able to chat on the phone and not use up our minutes. That will be so fabulous. I remember when Geoff and I got his new cell and number, the guy realized we were dating and got him a similar number. How cute was that?

Ok, I am out. Ciao babes.

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