Here’s an Idea

So people have been getting onto me not posting enough these days. I guess it is because of several reasons, mostly because I am working so much or in class or otherwise busy. Once Ryan and I get the internet setup at our place and I find my rhythm I hopefully will be up here more often.

I also have been bad about posting due to the fact that I haven’t been able to take pictures. I like to post with a picture and for the longest time my lens was broken or the weather was shitty. Once again, once things heat up I plan to take more pics and enjoy the weather. Mostly though, it is working so much that has me not posting. I need something to inspire me. Photography normally does it and so does doing actual social things. Lately I haven’t been so social…

Let’s hope I can be better at all of this. Meanwhile, here is my first episode of my fake podcast. Off to you Alex! Oh wait, that’s me!

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