He’s Got Game (Update)

So, after some serious sleuthing (ummm… watched an episode of CSI: Miami), I came upon these facts.

The ball that my car was leather, based on the imprints made into the paint. A rubber ball would not have been hard enough to press into the paint like that.

The ball had to have been kicked, anyone throwing a ball with that much force would be a pro football quarterback, not playing pickup basketball on a half court between 1 and 8 am.

The owner of the ball must be pretty good. Wilson leather basketballs aren’t super cheap (not expensive but anyone just fucking around would go with a rubber Spalding or something like that).

And then… I found the guilty party (alleged).

This guy has a leather, Wilson basketball and is playing everyday, just about 20 yards from my car.  Hmmmmm

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