He’s Got Game

Last night I was in some interesting company.  Chadd, Landon, Geoff, and several others who I would normally never put into the same room.  It was interesting at times, not so much with Chadd but dynamics between other people, especially one certain un-named character.

But in the end, last night was relatively uneventful.  However, the next morning would prove different.

First off, I thought I had to be at work at 8:45am, but it turns out I needed to be there at 8:45pm.  oops.  Oh well, it actually worked out because the store was absolutely swamped and they were going to cut my night shift.  Yay for being 12 hours early.

When I got to my car to drive to work I noticed that the door felt kinda weird while opening.  I get out of my car and see a big ol’ dent in the front wheel well right by the door.  Such a big dent that it hampers the door opening and have broken the paint, pinching the metal.


I at first thought a car had hit me, but after closer inspection, I noticed that pressed into the paint was the word Wilson, in reverse.  And an even better look saw the impression of the texture of a basket ball. 

A basketball caused this.  How in the world could someone throw a ball this hard?  Someone must have kicked it.  But when I left my car at 1:00am, there were two cars on my left side, one so close I could barely get my door open. 

This happened between the hours of 1:00am and 8:30am and at least one car had to have left in order for the ball to hit.

It’s pretty annoying, plus with a $1000 deductable, getting it fixed won’t be cheap.  Whoever did this to my car, you’re a bastard.

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  1. Yay! I can comment again! Sorry to hear about your car, that’s just crazy!

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