Hmmm, New Years Eve

So last night equalled…

Drinks = zero
Drugs = zero (of course, the way I have liked it)
People = two (Joe, Me)
Fun = meh…
Friends = bunch of phooey (local friends mind you)
Calls in = 4
Calls out = 2

Better than being drunk and doing things regretable? Yeah. Woke up at 8:00 with a call from a guy friend, made me feel better. Chatted online form 2-3:00 with an old friend who always makes me feel better. Wasted four hours, of no fault of my own, backlogged drier means Justin’s clothes were not ready. Now about to head out to see David and his mom and his youngest sister. I certainly do hope that I can see his mom and his older sister who are both running about their own ways over the next few days.

I am going to miss Houston come the fourth, I am going to really miss my parents who I did not get to see nearly enough come the fifth. I am going to miss a select set of people from CoMo when I leave the sixth and I am going to meet up with one and meet up with a Houstonian come that same day. I really can’t wait to see Katie W and Andrew W (of no relation of course).

I am glad that I can just make trips like this again. I did it all first semester and the beginning of the second semester, just the random, let’s go to STL or KC or JC or wherever. Ironic how he wanted it too but it never happened (whatever, don’t even get me started on why it did not work. no matter what it will be my fault).

Timer just ran out, clothes are about as dry and my last few months of being loved. I live in the fucking Sahara.

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