Holy Damnation

Today I was taken into one of the back officed by teh Starbucks lead and the food avenue department executive. Apparently my “peers don’t like me” because “my jokes are inappropriate” and I am “bossy”. Meanwhile I point out that I was told three time that morning that my jokes are what made my peers want to go to work each day (not one of my jokes has been inappropriate, all are workplace safe). I was told by all but one of my co-workers that they loved working with me, the “one” admits that she doe snot like authority. I asked her to make more frappiccino one day and she told me to “make it myself”… I am the only one who takes charge when people are late or don’t show up at all. If someone is breaking healthcode then I let them know that wearing your apron to the bathroom is not a good idea or that sweeping the eating area also means wiping down the tables. If people would do their jobs, especially those higher up, I would not have to remind people what to do.

I was also told that I was a negative person to be around… Wow cause everyone tells me how uplifting I am and outgoing.

Oh, and the kicker. bad customer service… HOLY HELL. I have gotten so many “great team” cards for my excellent customer service. I have people come to starbucks who used to choose my line at Target every trip just to talk to me. I was told by one lead that my customer service was so good, it frightened her. I did such a good job with one customer that she dedicated 30 minutes of her morning show to talking about me (Froggie 92.9) on her morning show! The next day, sales went up some $250!

Then they bitched at me because my availability was going down… I am in school, I told you when I applied for the job that I was continuing my education. Perhaps that is the problem, no one I work with has gone to college or is currently going. jealousy?

My $1.25/hr promotion? Yeah, they lied, does not exist.

Quit? What do you think? I am so disappointed. There is more but I gotta go. Seth’s going away party, should be a “drag”. Some fun pictures no doubt!


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