Hot Kiss!

So this picture just made my day!

For those of you not in the know… That is a picture of John Mayer kissing Adam Levine (of Maroon 5) during a concert.

Wish I could have been involved in that kiss! Growl! They would make some pretty babies hehe. It is sure nice to see men able to kiss, especially men of their level of fame, without getting all the nasty sneers. I did not even see any press over this! Remember the Britney/Madonna, Christina/Madonna kiss? It was huge news. This however, not so much.

Anyways, off to bed!

Love to all


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  2. uh, florencia… what’s up cause no one thinks anything ill of either of these guys, trust me, most everyone who reads this blog celebrated that kiss, they are awesome and very hot so who cares? i thought it was awesome.

  3. you guys are fuckin gay and apparently stupid if you think john mayer is gay. if you ever really listen to his music you would realize that he loves girls too much to even concider being gay. even thougn he is kissing adam levigne he isnt gay. dumb shits

  4. i hope they make a gay porn tape togeather there both sexxxy beasts… i just hope they add brandon flowers of the killers into the mix.. lets have some bois put paris to shame

  5. Hey,thats good on em’ for having some fun i reckon. As Justin said,isn’t it funny how this doens’t make the news.Probably cause either John or Adam don’t try to get “involved” like brittnay does with the press?

  6. Hellu! I thought this was really funny! I love John Mayer and Maroon 5. These pics are soo hot!! haha

  7. Adam Levine is soo friggin hottt. I love him so chicks back off including u Jessica Simpson, u dumb blonde!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. they dont have 2 be gay they can be bi maybe johns a joker like that wit guys tho so it can be just a joke aswell

  9. I love them both. They are hot beyond belief. I think that they are so much hotter because they have personalities to back what they were gifted with aesthetically.

  10. Does it really matter if they are gay or not? They won’t be f**king or marrying anyone here, so get over it. Its a concert. They do stuff for the audience. I wish people would stop over-dramatizing EVERYTHING.

    Cute pic, btw. 😀

  11. marie said: i agree with marie john writes lyrics about girls….ur body’s a wonderland? did u even bother to see the video? i doubt it was about Adam

  12. wack!!! I just want to say that John Mayer has a beautiful voice but that kiss is so figgin nasty!!! it sucks. they look like gays. they realy suck now for me.

  13. wack!!! I just want to say that John Mayer has a beautiful voice but that kiss is so friggin nasty!!! it sucks. they look like gays. they really suck now for me.

  14. You need to stop putting false information of people on here how do you know that is even John Mayer? You cant really see his face all you can see is curly hair. Okay I like John Mayer alot and I know for a FACT that he is NOT gay! Okay.

  15. you people reading my blog and freakign out over this are so stupid. NO ONE SAID THEY WERE GAY yOU DUMBASSES! refer to It is John Mayer, it was NOT GAY. Guys kissing does not make them gay just as me kissing a girl does not make me straight. God you are so dumb… I have written things of so much greater importance but this is the most popular one and I am tired of it!

  16. i think it’s really cute, thanks for sharing! all you homophobes should just relax, what’s the big deal? and you are so right, justin, what’s up with the f’ng media jumping all over 2 chicks kissing and totally passing on two dudes? such double standards! lesbians are so chic but gays are still taboo as ever, it seems.

    all that said, not sure i’m digging the hokey costumes maroon are sportin’…

  17. Hi…This Pics are so hot, wow, i can’t believe it
    Thas All I got to Say.
    Sorry for my bad English.
    it doesn’t matter if they’re gay, infat i think it was justs a joke.

  18. i think that you guys are stupid if you think john mayer and adam levine are they are so not gay. i love john mayer he is so hot and i could just see that he loves girls. also adam levine both of them are hot. i think that kiss was awesome and it makes them look sexier than they are.

  19. So what if they kissed. It doesn’t mean they are gay but, it also doesn’t mean their straight either. Maybe they go both ways. If you look at them both they are really kissing each other. Today in society you don’t know if people are gay, bi, or straight because the same sex are kissing each other all the time now. I mean its just a kiss that didn’t mean anything but don’t be surprised if you see them on tv. I think its hot that two men can kiss without what everybody thinks about them.

  20. hey man…thanks for posting this…you just made my day!

    anyways..could you tell me what concert this is..maybe i can download it or something.

    thanks again!

  21. wow!! i loved the pic!! i love both of them, they’re both very talented and amazing musicians!! god, i wish i could join them!! =D

  22. My friend was at that concert. It was a joke. All of Maroon 5 came on stage dressed as women in love with John. It was just a joke. Funny!!!! John Mayer is not gay.

  23. You’re an awesome singer but it’s not so awesome when yo kiss another guy, does Jessica know? Mabey I should email her now too
    Gay Fag

  24. scandalous!!!!
    oh.. freaked out!
    gay issue to john!???
    i think he’s not..
    maybe it’s part of the concert..
    hmm.. for the audience to be satisfied…

  25. that is the stupitest thing adam levine and john mayer aren’t gay haw do you even know if that is adam levine!

  26. hey I have a question from what concert is this picture?thanks for answer;)))

  27. No!!! Adam Levine, que sean buenos amigos ok, pero besarse!!! noo!!!! que desperdicio de chikos sexy, pero ayá ellos. P:D ADAM TE AMO!!!!

  28. This is so hilarious. They are such crackers. I am ok w/ maroon 5 (they are pretty good) but I LOVE John Mayer! He is so totally hot…I’d love to be the one to kiss him….his lips are so delish looking!!! HOT!! anyway, great pix…way cool!

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