House Hunting Weekend in Houston

Let’s do a little recap shall we?

Thursday, make a dash from my French class to the parking garage where I hop into my car and jot down to my apartment. DSC_3236.JPG I quickly pack my bags, talk to the front office about moving out early so I can save a thousand bucks and enjoy my new apartment a little sooner.

Drive to St. Louis after making a quick stop at Best Buy to pick up a movie for my brother’s belated birthday. I got Idiocracy thanks to the advice of TWiT. It seems to be right up his alley.

The drive to Saint Louis was uneventful. I left with more than enough time and didn’t start freaking out about being late until I though I had passed the airport and would have to backtrack about 20 miles. Yikes! Thanks to Michael, I was able to determine that I was but five miles away from the airport, the the direction of my favor. Yay for that.

I actually had enough time to get terrible service at Chili’s, bad enough that I saved my receipt so I could complain to the company’s corporate line, something I typically would never do. And I have gotten some shitty service in the past, just ask Geoff, haha.

I’m always nervous about missing my flight, I’m actually pretty surprised I took the time to go to Chili’s.  I just couldn’t help the chance to get to do some people watching.  Chances are, in an airport restaurant/bar, the people you watch, you will never see again.  Not the case for me, the girl and guy I was watching ended up being on my flight to Houston.  Damn!  Glad I wasn’t too obvious.


Got to the airport, had a drink, jumped onto the plane and flew to Houston. My flight was delayed about 25 minutes which is a first for Southwest and I. Normally we get in about thirty minutes early, so the prospect of getting in later than already expected (pretty damn late), was less than exciting.

Got to my parents new apartment and crashed. They live in a pretty swanky pad while they search for a new house. We checked out a few places DSC_3131.JPGin Houston but there really wasn’t anything I liked enough to recommend for them. The house that they had a contract on, I convinced them to back out of. They need to find a nice house close to downtown, close to the shops and restaurants they enjoy so much.

Saturday morning we went to this restaurant called Barnaby’s Cafe. It is in the Heights/Montrose in Houston, where I would love for my parents to live, where my brother hopes to move and where all the gay’s live in Houston. Hence the beautiful rainbow on the front of the restaurant, and the hot guys that work inside. There are actually three Barnaby’s in Houston now, I believe.

I actually went on a date there way way back when. It was, I believe, Melissa and I’s (wow, is that way off grammar-wise?) anniversary that I first went there. I remember being pleasantly surprised that they had bison… a new client of my grandmother’s back then. What can I say…

Anyways, we met there for brunch and then headed out to do some house hunting. I actually spent most of my time hanging out with my grandmother.

I’m getting ahead of myself… Let’s go back to Friday night…


Friday night I got to hang out with Patrick and Lisa (my brother and his fiancee). We had a great time hanging out, went to a few bars and drank a good bit, of course without getting drunk. Of course. I met the brides’ maids, the maiden of honor and I… well, we definitely met haha. She was my partner for the night, great dancer, lemme tell ya.


Saturday I got to hang out with my grandmother, we went shopping and had a great time, as usual. I have been wanting this new lens… well a few new lenses really, for my camera (Nikon D80); hoping to be able to do some macro, some wide angle and some powerful zoom photography. Unfortunately, the cheapest of the lenses was $475… needless to say I had to pass on getting a new lens.


However, the wonderful guys at Houston Camera Exchange recommended I get a lens adapter to supplement my maco desires until I get the money for a real macro lens. So, $50 later I have this really neat Hoya lens adapter set. The pics in this post were taken with that lens adapter kit.

DSC_3198.JPGMy father and I went to a few parks downtown to walk the dog and get me some things to take pictures of, where most of these pictures came from actually.

I had forgotten, or perhaps I never really knew, how much green space Houston’s downtown had. Now, it is no where near as green as San Francisco but also not nearly as large.

All of San Francisco is downtown, only a small portion of Houston is downtown, it is an immense city, San Francisco is only 7 square miles.

I also noticed that the homeless people in Houston were less creative in their attempts to scam money out of you and not nearly as friendly otherwise. Too bad.

The homeless guy who was hanging out in our park was talking to himself about his ventures across America. The thing is… he didn’t look homeless, or crazy; he looked like a guy having a totally normal conversation with someone about his interesting life… only no one else was there talking to him. Interesting…

We didn’t have much time in the parks, but here are a few cool shots I got.









Sunday I visited some family, great to see them, and then back to the airport to fly back to Missouri. Overall the weekend was fantastic and I’m getting revved up for another great weekend this upcoming weekend in Washington DC.

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