How About a Little Whine with Your Red Herring?

PGE-Bill-MarkNever mind the fact that:

  • I moved into your apartment to help you, you were supposed to find a new roommate while I covered rent for you. I had a place to live
  • I told you I would only be there for a month and I have stayed longer to help you pay your rent
  • I pay more than you for a smaller room with nearly no closet while you have a private bath and huge closet and larger room
  • You used my phone to make international calls and owe me money

Go ahead and tell me I owe you $50 for utilities! You told me that they would be like $48 total, so I would pay $24 a month. Whatever, I am out of there.

Good luck finding someone who will pay so much for such a small apartment in the next few weeks.

Sorry to be so bitchy but, it’s that time of the month for me.

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