How Close?

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So I was updating my course schedule on TheFaceBook and decided I would take a gander at the “Visualize My Friends” rendering.

Geoff and Jim are my two last real boyfriends (I hate to say real but they are). Anyways, they are also my only boyfriends on thefacebook (landon should be on facebook cause then it would be three).

Geoff and Jim are also my closest friends on thefacebook. It is amazing how accurate it is because in real life I feel that much for Geoff compared to everyone else.

We just had a really wonderful conversation. I am so glad that I am working on my new self… I went through a lot this summer and I am now doing Justin Overhaul 2.0 and this will be a BIG one.

Much love to you all.

I have more to post and I will post but I just got off of the phone and wanted to point it out.

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