I am All Over This

Come tomorrow I will own this movie. I just might hit up Wal-Mart at midnight to get it. Do you realize how amazing this musical is? I don’t think you do. Now, if Verde’s La Traviata would come out into a film version… I would wet myself.

P.S., this was the last movie I saw with Geoff. What is that worth? Grrrr. Geoff and I saw La Traviata together. I would say it was our first real date, it was the first time he ever touched me, he rested his hand on mine. I could feel the blood rushing through my body with the instant he touched me. Now he won’t even acknowledge my existence without making me out to be a peice of shit. I hate that. Bah.

Anyways. I have to build up the “courage”, “balls”, whatever, to go talk to my advisor today. Argh!

Doctor appointment tomorrow. First time I have been nervous to see Dr. Rossy since my first appointment.

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