I am In Love – And He is Evil

I don’t know what to say. Last night was great but the start nearly killed me and the end made me both completely pissed off and depressed.

Ben Coe showed up, freaked me out. It was my party, only stipulation, NO ACACIANS could know about it or come.

Geoff wrote a charming post…

“Just got back from the Communist Mannifestival. We had a good time… A group of us almost went and crashed another party. ha ha ha.. but then we realized we had class. ha ha. oh well… what would we have gained from it?”

Turns out he read Jenny’s journal which told about my going away party and…. ARGH! Why is geoff such an asshole? Why? He made me cry last night. He has ruined so much of me. I will never be over him. You cannot get over your true loves. I feel like I am in a fairytale and some evil witch has put a spell over Geoff, somehow I am supposed to break it so we can live happily ever after. However, I can’t break the spell and tears fall down my cheek as I type this out.

I love you Geoff, why won’t you remember who you used to be? Who I really am? Why are you so mean to me? Don’t you remember?

Prior to Geoff… Dave left the party early and… well I really wanted him to stay longer. I hate being emotional and sad.

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