I fought the Law and the Law Won Lost

One of those stupid things you do. Go 70mph in a 50 just outside of the 25mph school zone. Cop passes you and turns on his light. He starts to make his turn to follow you, you lose him in a few other vehicles and gas it. Heading south at about 75mph, you drive to the Korbel Winery Delicatessen, hide on the hill and watch the police officer drive past you. Whew.

In other news, I got my car detailed today, it is so clean, inside and out. I figured I might as well get it super cleaned since I have strep and all. So I got them to sterilize my car (essentially). Antibacterial treatments for the air and surfaces in my car. It kinda smells like a hospital now but at least it is clean, from the floormats to the air.

While I can’t go to Popscene tonight, well I guess I should say that I could’nt go to Popscene. Doctor said “no way” to clubbing for at least a week, probably a month. I drove over to Seth’s anyways, wanted to see him, awe… haha He was doing Lacie’s makeup, it is so cool to watch the transformation. I wish you could have seen her eyes exactly how they were. The products had a metalic look to them, coal black to a midnight purple color and up. Just incredible dynamics while keeping transitions far away from being overly dramatic.

We had fun taking pictures of the two of them, together and seperately. I did’nt get any pics of Loren or Andrea though 🙁

I started just having fun with Photoshop. Fun as always, cept this time round, Photoshop freaked out when doing Save to Web, it saved everything as if they were GIF’s even though they were JPEG’s. Very spotty, only like 256 colors in each photo. Doing a simple Save As worked though… No idea what is going on.

Of course this photo is not from tonight, but I went ahead and played with it.

Anyways, I go back to work tomorrow. Catch you guys later.

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