I love Birmingham Alabama

I am here in Birmingham Alabama to do a photoshoot with the Taste of the South Magazine and the National Sweet Potato Commission.  Right now I am sitting at a two story Starbucks in their old downtown.

As the plane made its rough, really rough, landing, and as I looked out of the window to what would surely be the city I would die in (I swear we all thought the plane was going down) and took a look at my final destination, I had a revelation.

I love Birmingham.  Right now, after spending a few hours in the old downtown and just really falling in love with the old downtown, I am just certain that I need to live here.  I even picked out an apartment for Ryan and I with it’s own Bar/Restaurant on the ground floor.  How sexy is that?  I have even planned out our lives here.  Oh my!



I had dinner at this awesome restaurant/bar that had all sorts of fun food and lots of veggie foods… Great wine selection of which I had the Bacarro Pinot Grigio.  I also passed probably 10 gay people so far, which is not what I expected for a city in Alabama.  They rank 47th in hate crimes based on sexual orientation and 50th in overall hate crimes!  Awesome (unless I’m reading the statistics backwards…


Look at that adorable fountain.  Oh this is lust at first visit.  Below is my new church… haha, well it is a Methodist church!


I’m sorry that I’m stuck using my iPhone to take the pics, with it’s new broken camera.  I didn’t want to walk around town with my camera bag, but if the weather is nice tomorrow, I certainly will.

What do you think about Birmingham?  hmm?  Can I convince Ryan to move here? haha, not likely.  Cost of living is 4.8% lower and income is 2.5% higher.  How awesome is that?

So far Chase, Ryan and Landon think I’m crazy.

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