I Love Headphones and Coffee

I road my bike all over and only ran into one boulder.  Fun time on the katy trail.  Then to work for drink and then to Moe’s for lunch with Ninah and then to the Artisan for coffee and rest.

These headphones really do rock my world, and they are pretty to boot!  They sound fabulous, like a concert in my head.  I miss the transparency of my HD600’s but I an always enjoy those big boys at home.  I do every night now-a-days.  With the newest iPod firmware update, I found that I don’t need as badly, the amplifier to power these headphones.  Something to do with the new volume limiter?  Seems to put out more power?  Weird…

Took some random pics of myself, cause I’m random ya know…


Why am I so weird?  Oh yeah, that.

Been chatting with Landon, always fun.  I’m going to go visit him probably the third week in July, that will be lots of fun. Hopefully it will work out.  Then a few weeks later I’m hoping to make it to California for my birthday, see Seth, Kevin and Mike (!!!!!) and my old Starbucks crew.

Billie Myers’ song, Kiss the Rain just came on my iPod.  I love this song.  It is one of those songs Landon and I share.  Hmph.

Went to church with Jeremy yesterday.  I really missed that church, so peaceful, friendly and beautiful.  I’m glad to be back in Columbia, if not just for the church!  I’m also thinking about joining the choral group there.  I will see how next semester is going to shape up to make sure I have the time but I think it would be great for my growth and a fun time.

Well, I have work in seven minutes so I should probably just get off of this and post away.  I should be getting a lunch break, perhaps I will do another update then.

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