I Love Starbucks

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What a lame entry title, right? But honestly, I do. Starbucks has become my life, and I am loving it.

I started, officially, at my new Starbucks yesterday. Matt, my trainer, is such an awesome guy. I totally fell for him haha. Too bad he is leaving so soon for law school. I finally find a winner and there he goes! Of course, I am not even sure if he bats for my team, though I have a pretty good idea on the matter.

Training started with me reading out of the training module book. I finished all the modules in a few hours, oops. It is supposed to take a week or so. Gosh darn! I guess I will just have to slow things down, regression rocks!

After throwing the book, at, the, book… I asked what else I could do, I was bored. I swept the floor, yes! And I had fun doing it. How f’d up is that? Then I made whipped cream and all the while, chatted it up with Matt.

Ok, enough about him, let’s get on with ourselves! I sound like a little school girl.

What else eh? I am in the computer lab at school, waiting for my statistics class to begin. We had a quiz in there on Tuesday that I was completely unprepared for. However, I did fabulously well on it. I am unsure as to why or how I did so well but I won’t argue. I guess the math gods as having some sympathy on me.


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Today, after class, I head to Target Starbucks. It will be my last Thursday working for them. Tomorrow will be the very last DAY that I will have the pleasure of working for them. I have not been too welcomed there since I announced that I was moving to a new Starbucks. One person even took my name off of my apron hook. How childish is that? I put up a new label, so far it is still hanging there.

I am not sure how Banana is going to fit into my schedule. I don’t have a set schedule with Starbucks yet and for some reason I am afraid to ask the manager, who is super nice, if it would be a problem for me to work a few days at Banana Republic. I should get some balls…

Speaking of which, I learned, kinda, how to juggle. yay! haha

Time for class, must walk to the other room and all. Ciao babes.

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