I Need a Drobo

So, if you really know me, you know I’ve got this horrible addiction to iTunes. My iTunes library is over 1tb and growing. Right now I’m forced to split my iTunes library over two external 1tb hard drives and my TimeMachine is already full in it’s own 1tb hard drive, and it doesn’t even backup my iTunes!

In addition to my massive iTunes library, my Aperture library grows by about 10gb a month, or more. It no longer fits on my laptop and takes up half of my iMac’s hard drive space!

Today my TimeMachine hard drive started giving me trouble, disconnecting itself from the computer over and over again, not good.

I decided months ago that I needed a Drobo, a digital robotic storage device… check it out at www.drobo.com.

It’s a really incredible device, but equally as expensive. The 4tb model (which can grow to 16tb which is incredible) costs around $900. That’s a lot of money, yikes.  But it’s definitely worth it. Basically a fail-proof storage device, intelligent, hot-swappable drives. It’s like RAID finally got a brain.

So I’m looking at other ways of getting one, unless I start selling a ton of photos from my photoblog. @ScottBourne, from TwipPhoto, PhotoFocus, F64.com, ScottBourne.com and MyDigitalLife fame is constantly giving away 4tb Drobo drives, I even know someone, through twitter, who has won one!

So here is my entry. Please, Scott Bourne, I’m a poor college student in need of a Drobo. I saved up to get the Nikon D700 you recommended, the Epson Stylus Pro 3800 you recommended and the complete Nik Software collection, you recommended. I switched to Aperture from LightRoom and invested in a high quality tripod, on your recommendation.  It doesn’t stop there…

UPDATE: As of today, June 20 2009, Scott Bourne has cost me even more money!  I forgot to mention the Epson Stylus Photo R280 he recommended in addition to the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 I ordered on his recommendation and the Drobo I so badly wanted here with the four 1.5tb drives!

You’ve provided me with so much great advice, while simultaneously destroying my bank account balance. LoL

I Need a Drobo!


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4 thoughts on “I Need a Drobo

  1. I was planning on getting a Drobo… but ended up with kidney stones which resulted in a $1700 bill instead. Sigh. Maybe next year, because I never win anything. 🙂

    Dave2s last blog post…Taxed

  2. I love my Drobo…got it for umm ::cough:: anyway let’s just say I love the team over there 😉

    I wish I could get a free Drobo Pro or 2nd one to put the old drives which I’ve outgrown into. I totally need to buy at least 1 or 2 1.5tb drives for my current one.

    Hope you win one!

    Nick Starrs last blog post…Links for 2009-04-15 [Digg]

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