I Need a Smoke, and Something Fruity To Chew…

So while driving around Columbia, while trying to get pics of this beautiful shot of the sunset… instead I saw this running along side my car.

And behind him…


Yes, that’s a zebra.

You know what?… All of a sudden, I felt like my life was lacking something. For the longest time I could not figure it out. I wondered if the relationship I’m not in (or am I)yum-zebra-fruity-gum.gif, I wondered where my mom was at that moment, flying over the Atlantic to Europe… I even though about next semester and how I have two days until I can register my parking space.

But this still left me unfulfilled. I sang a few songs as I drove on home, I took a sip of my Schwepps Ginger Ale (new addiction) and while quite tasty, it did nothing for the new found void in my gut.

Then it dawned on me. All of those years of subliminal messages, all of those friendly cartoon characters telling me to smoke and chew gum, those repressed memories, came running out at full gallop.

I wanted a smoke and some fruit gum! Of course.

Do you remember fruit stripe gum? I remember it, obviously. I also remember the lick-n-stick tattoos that came in each pack of gum and how the gum, albeit very tasty, never lasted more than 15 minutesjoe_camel.jpg (great for return customers).

What zebra is fruit colored anyways? News print, yes, that’s the old joke at least; but fruit colored rainbow of an animal that looks far too much like a horse but isn’t… no.

And how many camels have you seen smoking tobacco? Me either. Now, I can totally see Joe Camel chewing tobacco, but smoking it, well that’s just not natural.

Well anyways, how many times have you been driving through your college town and happened upon a zebra AND a camel. I figured I should share my experience. Now I have to get ready for a movie. To see it, not to be in it.

That would be cool though…

7 thoughts on “I Need a Smoke, and Something Fruity To Chew…

  1. crap! apparently i did see this post BUT it wasn’t clear to me at the time that they are columbia residents. 🙂 ps: my battery is DEAD not just dead. wtf!

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