I Went Home

So it is no mystery where Justin is. I am home. I did post a song about it of course.

I just love my parents. We had a fabulous day together, all three of us shopping at the mall, all three of us shopping at the grocery store, and all three of us gossiping as we all three cooked dinner; asparagus, filet mignon, portobella mushrooms in a red wine sauce, garlic mashed potatoes and for dessert my mom made vanilla-ginger creme brulee. Then we all three watched Shakespeare In Love. This was the last movie Geoff and I watched together I believe. We never finished it. I was close to tears watching the movie, it was a great movie. Everyone should watch it, Geoff you were so right!

I go home tomorrow, well I guess today technically. Jim is going to be back in town so I want to be there to welcome him to my apartment and I need to clean up after the uninvited party that was held there… bastards. I cannot believe that people would welcome themselves to our house while we were all out of town and party there, trash the place, drink everything and then some and think it would be ok… these were supposed to be our friends right? Whatever, assholes…

Speaking of assholes, I hear Dave had a talk with Andrew (Dave is not the asshole of course). Dave rocks, he made Chicago such a blast. I am forever glad that he joined me on my impromptu visit to the windy city, as it would be. Shout out to Dave, RAISE THE ROOF! haha

I miss Jenny like American Idol misses Mario…

Mario, oh Mario, where fore art thou new CD?

Mario Vazquez

Geeze he is amazing

One thought on “I Went Home

  1. He is so cute! Just like you! ahh I miss you more!!!!!!! I can’t wait until you get home and we can have bitchfest 2005. *kisses*

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