I’ll be in New York City Dec 1-5

I am writing this post way later than I ever expected. I’d hoped to have the time to write something up about this trip a few weeks ago but such is the life I live that the night before was the first chance I got.

New York City SkylineI’ll keep this short. Tomorrow morning, Dec 1, I’ll be flying to New York City to see all your beautiful faces. This time around I’ll be staying outside Manhattan but expect to see me wandering the city, camera in tow.

The trip to Saudi Arabia was awesome and I have so much to share with you but that too will come later. Right now I’m hoping we can all get together somehow. I’d love to do another #NYTweetup while I’m in town. My friend Steven has a few ideas, something about Vlada Lounge in Hell’s Kitchen for Dec 2, which is Sunday.

Vlada’s “great infused?vodka selection” is the specialty of the house at this Hell’s Kitchen gay lounge, a “stylish”, bi?level thing also known for its “ice”?lined bar that’s “not really functional” but still “looks cool” as hell.

So there’s that. We normally do a light, fast, cheap (though sometimes heavy, slow and expensive) dinner before the meet up so there is that yet to plan. Hate living by the seat of my pants but that’s just how it is! I’m sure you all will have some great ideas!

Can’t wait to see you all! I’ll post final plans here and as a Facebook event.

12 thoughts on “I’ll be in New York City Dec 1-5

  1. @justex07 glad you’ll be in town 🙂 @everythingsjake @squeakytoy @oskrNYC @iNorio @MattHurst @davicho

  2. @TheNYGalavant @justex07 @everythingsjake @squeakytoy @oskrnyc @matthurst @davicho I will follow you into whatever dark bar of your choosing

  3. @justex07 Aww, afraid I’m out sick this weekend w/ Pneumonia, which I’d guess you don’t want to bring back to SF. Hope you guys have fun!

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